Special Thanks for Children's Vineyard

My daughter is currently in P1 now, and if I am reminiscent about her childcare life, I can’t be just thankful enough to ‘Children’s Vineyard’ at Mapex.


The reasons that I say I can’t be thankful enough are as follows:

1) I sent my daughter, Ella, since PG to K2, and she never got sick or HFMD from the school, and the school environment is always safe and positive. 

2) My daughter is not a very fast learner; however, all teachers used various ways & methods to make sure she was not left behind. I only needed to provide her with minimal support in terms of academics. I just followed instructions from her teachers to support her a bit at home. The principal and teachers always updated me about her well-being at school. 

3) The excellent conduct, character and attitude that they instilled in her is just so beautiful. We feel so happy and are full of appreciation to see her grow into such an amiable person. 

4) My daughter is in P1 now. I am also thankful and appreciative to the school as she does not have any difficulties transitioning to primary school’, as she has been well-prepared. From day one till now, she can’t wait to go to school every day, as she can cope well in class. As for me, this is already the most significant achievement, as she was not a top student in her childcare.

5) Both my husband and I work full time and our time to support her is very limited.


Therefore, we truly appreciate how she had been enjoying, learning well and growing up in a very positive environment as a happy child at Children’s Vineyard. 


Last but not least, till TODAY, Manuella still misses her teachers and friends at Children’s Vineyard. She proudly hangs the keychain from the childcare on her school bag. 


Special thanks to Ms Indri, Ms Judy, Zhang 老师, Ms Shan, song 老师, Ms Cherry and all other Teachers who taught her and allowed her to grow up happily at Children’s Vineyard.