"He was a disaster..."

Recently, we received this testimony from our student's daddy... and it made our day!


This is what he wrote in the letter:


"Having enrolled our child into Children's Vineyard at 18 months, he was a disaster with no routine and was controlling his parents at his fingertips. We were both physically and mentally drained.


However after just a few weeks in the school, we have seen much improvements. He was more confident, learning, communicative, and most importantly, socialising. The methodology of the school written by the principal was impressive and we love the way that they were teaching our child.


On top of that, the staff here are passionate, dedicated and also well-trained in their craft. The values in which they inculcate in the students would definitely empower them in future.


We feel relieved that our child is in good hands.




Thank you Samuel for entrusting us with your beloved child. It is our commitment to do our best in helping our students to be the best they can be!